Warm Up: Junk Yard Dog + Burgener 

Skill: 15 Minutes To Find One Rep Max Snatch 

WOD: Isabel
30 Snatches For Time (135/95) 

This is a benchmark WOD. Record your time and weight for progress tracking. 


Coach Isabel VS Isabel 

Coach Isabel VS Isabel 


Warm-up: Dynamic Warm-up

Strength: Three Rounds
3 Front Squats
2 Push Press
1 Thruster
(Unbroken, as a complex) 
Start by using 70% of one rep max thruster weight. Increase weight each round. 

WOD: 4 Rounds
5 Front Squats (155/115) with 4 second pause up and down
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 Single Unders




Warm Up: Francisco Says 

WOD: Teams Of 3: 
3 Rounds For Time: 
1 Minute Plank Hold
50' Walking Lunge
50' Crab Walk
50' Bear Crawl
15 Burpees  

Each team member will hold a plate, dumbbell, or kettle bell (45/25) for the entire WOD. The only time the plate may be set down is while changing partners during movements. If the plates are set down for any other reason, a 5 burpee penalty will be due for each team member.