Meal Prep Courses

Our Meal Prep series is designed to help tackle the biggest issue many people have with fitness: nutrition. Split into three levels, our classes start from basic knowledge and progress into advanced meal tracking for performance based athletes.

Level 1.JPG

Level One - Intro to Meal Prepping

Our Level One class conquers the basic questions that most people have with meal prepping. How do I do it?

In a one hour session our course covers portion control, what to prep, how to prep multiple meals at once, storage solutions, substitutions for already familiar items, and recipe ideas.

Course Offered on August 19th at 9 AM

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Level Two - Macro Tracking

The Level Two Class goes into greater detail to focus on answering the question “What should I be eating?”  This class helps students calculate their daily intake needs using a macronutrient based meal plan.

Course Offered on September 9th at 9 AM

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Level Three - Performance

The Level Three Class will focus on performance based eating for athletes training or perusing goals outside of the daily class instruction.

Class schedule to be advised.