The Three Yous

You are made up of three versions of yourself. There is a past you, a present you, and a future you, along with ways to manage each one. I know that referring to yourself as being three people may sound like a bad Jim Carrey movie, but follow me; this is the most important thing all three of you will hear today.

The present you is pretty self-explanatory. That is you as you exist right now in this moment. Present you is usually the one who causes trouble.

Future you is who present you would like to be and who you should be working for.

Past you is who you were. You can be proud of past you or not, but it doesn’t matter, because this is the one you that you cannot change.

So how do YOU tie this into fitness? It is a cycle. At Humble CrossFit we teach fitness as cycle of actions and thankfulness. For every step forward there is someone that should be appreciated for the help along the way. The person who should be thanked before anyone else is you. Trainers provide guidance, but YOU are the one who does the work.  

Think of yourself as your new best friend. You would do almost anything for your best friend, so start to do yourself some favors. Is there a day where present you does not want to do one more rep? Present you needs to do a favor for their best friend, future you, to make the next workout just a little bit easier. Does present you want wings and soda? Guess what, that will not benefit future you. What if present you were to skip the junk food and have a healthier option instead? Future you will thank past you when their physique reflects the good habits you have made for yourself.

Every day of training is a favor from past you to future you. Present you is who makes all of the decisions to do this. Every day that you train it makes the next day easier for your future self. Every day that you are able to do something for future you, be sure to thank past you. If it were not for past you doing future you a favor, present you would not be where he/she is today.

This can go in the complete opposite way was well. If present you continually makes bad choices for future you, future you will look back at past you and regret it, which is not productive. It is important to be forgiving to yourself as long as you are making progress with present you. Once you continue the cycle of doing favors for future you, past you will not be someone that you regret being responsible for.  

The cycle of doing something for someone else (future you) and thanking someone for the good in your life (past you) is key to building gratitude and productivity. Over time you should spread the gratitude to others who help you on your path. Once the focus of your training shifts to what you want future you to achieve, the frustration with what present you may not be able to do will fade. Always focus on the future and always be willing to do favors to make your best friends life easier.

The focus of this article stems from a Reddit post that you can find here. I encourage anyone and everyone to read it, if not for yourself, for someone else that you can spread your knowledge to. (Warning: Language may not be appropriate for young readers.) Making someone else happy is a good deed for all of the yous.