"CrossFit is not for everyone,
but it is for anyone." 

It is common to feel intimidated or overwhelmed when beginning a new fitness routine. From beginners, to competitors, to trainers and owners, we all started with no knowledge of CrossFit. Our trainers are here to help you learn the basics or build on skills you may already be familiar with. CrossFit is not just for those who are "already fit," but for those looking to increase their current level of general health and fitness. 

We like to remove the pressure of contracts and sign up fees and we will never ask you to commit to more than you are able to, ever. Feel free to shoot as an email, text, or give us a call if you have any questions. Below will describe what we offer to ease new members into our community. 

Free Consultation

Every prospective athlete is invited to try a free, "no sweat" consultation. It is during this consultation that the athlete and coach will discuss lifestyle, goals, health concerns, and answer any questions regarding Humble CrossFit and the services provided. Consultations can be scheduled during or outside of class hours. Email, call or text to schedule a consultation based on your availability. 

Jump Start Course

While not required, the Jump Start Course is highly recommended to acclimate new members to the movements that will be seen during class workouts at Humble CrossFit. The Jump Start Course is ideal for those who are hesitant to try CrossFit. The course is offered with no obligation to join after completion; we never do contracts, we promise.  The Jump Start Course consists of 3 hour-long personal training sessions combined with two weeks of unlimited classes at Humble CrossFIt. A value of over $250, offered at a discounted rate. 

During the personal training sessions, athletes will learn proper form for olympic lifts, begin basic gymnastics movements and begin conditioning themselves for the level of activity that will be seen during our day to day workouts. The class schedule is completely self led and will be determined based on the availability of the client and the coach. The course does not have to be completed during a certain time frame, but ideally 10 - 20 days between the first and final class is preferred. 

A breakdown of the course is below. 

Day 1: 30 Minute Consultation/ 30 Minute Workout
An in-depth evaluation of the athletes' abilities, challenges, lifestyle, and goals will be discussed. A brief test of abilities will be preformed and the coach will lead the athlete through a 30 minute workout to establish a baseline of athletic ability. For the first consultation, as well as for future workouts, a notebook is highly recommend to record progress and track any improvements or changes to mobility and strength. Measurements will be taken on day one. 

Day 2: Lifting Workshop
The main components of weight lifting will be discussed during day two of the Jump Start Course. The coach will demonstrate each movement and have the athlete preform each one while correcting any skill that may need improvement. A 20 minute workout will be preformed at the end of the class incorporating movements learned in day two as well as movements discussed in day one. 

Day 3: Graduation
The athlete and the coach will spend a portion of the class discussing the previous personal training sessions and any changes to the goals that were discussed on day one. The coach and athlete will spend time training a skill of the athletes choice that may need improvement. A 15 minute workout will be be preformed at the end of day 3. During this time, the athlete is free to begin two weeks of unlimited classes, if they have not already. 

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